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McNay Music Group LLC was formed in 2013 by Jamie McNay as a specialty music business company.  With a background in both acting and music performance, Jamie has had the distinct pleasure of working with some of Nashville’s most recognizable names, and is 100% committed to providing his clients with WORLD CLASS service.  Plain and simple, McNay Music Group exists because of its clients.  They offer a hands-on approach and take tremendous pride in providing personal attention to their client’s needs, career goals, and the creative strategies needed to obtain those goals.

Services offered by McNay Music Group include producing exceptional audio recordings for singers, songwriters, and bands, as well as producing promotional “performance” videos intended to enhance booking opportunities for artists and bands.  McNay Music Group, in conjunction with Divided Sky Entertainment, also manages exclusive artists and secures bookings for select talent at venues all across the United States.

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Whether you’re an artist looking to advance your music career, or a venue/festival needing some guidance and expertise with the booking and talent buying process, contact Jamie or Michael today to discuss how they can best assist you in moving forward! Click here for more information.